I've been writing online since 2011 about Self Development and Software Development. I also post about Music Production and other topics. So far, I've written 24 articles on my blog.

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Migrating From Evernote To Obsidian

In migrating from Evernote to Obsidian for note taking, the major thing that changed was not the tool but my approach to knowledge capture.

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Dream Thief

Dream Thief is an instrument preset for Ableton Live, built with Ableton's Collision synth and factory effects. Create dream-like pad sounds with disrupting LFO and grain modulation.

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Marble Machine

Marble Machine is a custom preset for Ableton Live made with Live's Operator synth and factory effects. Control 3 Material Macros Glass, Sand, Metal to add texture and metallic distortion artifacts.

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Space Suit Drums

Space Suit Drums is a custom made collection of digital drums, percussion, textures, and tones all made with Ableton's Operator and built Audio Effects. No samples are used in these sounds, making this pack very light weight and giving you the ability to organically modify each preset.

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Extending WordPress Blocks Basics

The Gutenberg editor replaced the core editor in WordPress version 5. Here's a tutorial on extending its block editor.

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Overview Of Ableton Live Warp Modes

An overview of Ableton Live's warp modes. Playing with them can get some very interesting results that may help get you out of a creative block.

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Content Vs Substance

Creating something of substance, not just "content", provides you with a unique advantage in connecting with others.

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The Internet Rewards Doers

The internet rewards doers. And honestly, life in general rewards doers. There’s no perfect moment to wait for. So start doing, now.

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5 Questions To Know Your Life Purpose

Finding one's purpose in life is not the destination. Purpose evolves with your journey. As your path changes course be willing to investigate yourself and ask these questions again.

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Simplicity Is Beautiful And Profitable

In design, engineering, and really in much of life, simpler is better. It conveys truth. Simplicity sells. It's beautiful and profitable.

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Why is progress slow?

Many factors come into play when collaborating on a project with other artists, and in this case patience is a must.

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Recent Projects

I've been working on a few different web projects recently. A couple band websites and a collaborative art & short story project site.

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First Post

This is the first of many more posts to come (hopefully).

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