The Best Social Media Channel Is Your Website

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Mario Giancini
Mario Giancini
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Over the past couple of years I've been doing a lot of social media work. For everyone except me. Theres a few useful points that I've learned. The one that stands our the most is this:

You can't rely on a specific social channel to take care of you.

Your content is not your own. They can change at any moment. A new interface, a new algorithm that completely rearranges who sees what content. They might turn into a ghost town. You don't really know. This is not to say that you shouldn't use social media channels. It's quite the opposite. You should pick one or two to really invest into, but always point back to your main channel, your best social media channel: your website. On your website:

  1. You own your content forever (unless of course you're using something proprietary you can't export from, like Square Space or Wix).
  2. You are in charge of how your content is displayed.
  3. You control every aspect of your channel.
  4. You can connect directly with your audience without any entrance barriers.
  5. It's your digital base of operations.

So just remember (note to self) that the best social media channel is your website. Pick a few others like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or what have you. But don't neglect your website like I have in the past. Continue to update it with what you're doing and what you've learned. Don't worry so much about your particular niche and whether or not it perfectly fits with it. Instead ask yourself "Is this helpful to others?", and if the answer is no, then ask "Is this helpful to me?" If the answer to either one of those questions is yes, then you should put that content out there. Even if it's just helpful to you, like reminding yourself of what you learned recently, it's highly probable that it will help someone else too. And that should be one of your highest priorities: helping others. Use your site to establish authority and trust in who you are and to help others in their journey.

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