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Mario Giancini - Software & Self Engineer

As an author and engineer, I write words and code to provide massive postive impact.


As a coach and mentor, I help people engineer the life they truly want.

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Cover Image for Implementing Smooth Scroll Behavior with Tailwind CSS and NextJS

How the NextJS <Link> component handles scrolling by default interferes with Tailwind CSS smooth scrolling.

Mario Giancini
Mario Giancini

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Cover Image for Migrating From Evernote To Obsidian

Migrating From Evernote To Obsidian

In migrating from Evernote to Obsidian for note taking, the major thing that changed was not the tool but my approach to knowledge capture.

Cover Image for Dream Thief

Dream Thief

Dream Thief is an instrument preset for Ableton Live, built with Ableton's Collision synth and factory effects. Create dream-like pad sounds with disrupting LFO and grain modulation.