Space Suit Drums

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Mario Giancini
Mario Giancini
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Space Suit Drums is a custom made collection of digital drums, percussion, textures, and tones all made with Ableton's Operator and built Audio Effects. No samples are used in these sounds, making this pack very light weight and giving you the ability to organically modify each preset.

The Space Suit Drums Racks utilize all 8 macros, 3 of which globally adjust parameters for Attack, Time, and Cutoff, allowing for expressive sound manipulation in performance or writing. Hover over each macro to get more info.

Each individual sound preset also utilizes the Instrument Rack's 8 macros. Tweak each sound to your heart's content. Unmap the Attack, Time, and Cutoff macros from a preset to isolate any sound from the global marcos.


  • 30 original sound presets
  • 8 clips
  • 2 drum racks
  • 1 example set

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