5D Mark III 60fps Test Footage

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Mario Giancini
Mario Giancini
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View Backstage Observation from Mario Giancini on Vimeo.

Some of the new features that the 5D Mark III has to offer, like the new ALL-I ("All i-frame") compression format boasting 90mbs, and added frame rates 60fps at 720p, along with 50fps (previously on the 7D abd 1D Mark IV) seem to take this camera a few steps ahead in video capabilities from it's predecessor and indie film game changer the 5D Mark II. Now that I've had a little time with this beast of a DSLR, and have been able to compare it directly to my 5D Mark II, I firmly believe in this camera. In terms of photo capabilities, the new AF system alone is worth the upgrade. Getting accurate focus with fast primes at very shallow DOF is so much more reliable, making my 50mm 1.2L the lens of choice for most of my work (including this test video).

In this quick video I shot some test footage from my 5D Mark III at 720p 60fps AII-I, converted to 24p, ungraded, then compress for web. I'll be doing a more in depth review in the new future.

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