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Cover Image for Dream Thief

Dream Thief

Dream Thief is an instrument preset for Ableton Live, built with Ableton's Collision synth and factory effects. Create dream-like pad sounds with disrupting LFO and grain modulation.

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Marble Machine

Marble Machine is a custom preset for Ableton Live made with Live's Operator synth and factory effects. Control 3 Material Macros Glass, Sand, Metal to add texture and metallic distortion artifacts.

Cover Image for Overview Of Ableton Live Warp Modes

Overview Of Ableton Live Warp Modes

An overview of Ableton Live's warp modes. Playing with them can get some very interesting results that may help get you out of a creative block.

Cover Image for Why is progress slow?

Why is progress slow?

Many factors come into play when collaborating on a project with other artists, and in this case patience is a must.

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